Multifaceted Guarding

ProTechTeam boats 3 types of guarding units; on-site, mobile, and remote, each presenting specific benefits and strategic advantages tailored to varying circumstances. When combined, our guarding teams join to create a comprehensive, fortified approach that suffocates potential threats and ensures total security upon implementation.

On-Site Guarding

We recruit, train, and certify local personnel for the effective and independent performance of security functions. Whether it’s a single guard to man a building entrance, or a whole team to provide high-profile services to eminent parties, ProTechTeam’s on-site guarding system offers outstanding bodyguarding, access control, security patrol, loss prevention, and more in an effort to complete your missions to perfection.

Mobile Guarding

Our mobile guarding function allows ProTechTeam’s guards to be where they’re needed in a matter of just moments. Our personnel are stationedstrategically based on your needs so that when called for, our mobility allows us to respond quickly and efficiently. Through automatically responsive vehicles, instant event detection, alarm and emergency systems, and mobile patrol, our mobile guard system is there to ensure you are protected in the utmost fashion wherever you are.

Remote Guarding

Being protected from all directions is imperative for maintaining the highest levels of security. At ProTechTeam, we are fully vigilant of all your surroundings around the clock so that you’re always in the best hands. Based out of our command & control centers, our remote guarding services secure clients from a distance by utilizing CCTV video cameras, audio surveillance, monitoring systems, advanced analytics, biometric management, and more intelligence-based technologies to keep any threat from manifesting. We leverage world-class remote guarding services such as integrated situational awareness, alarm verification, perimeter protection, and remote patrol so that you are protected as thoroughly as possible from potential perpetrators.

Mobile Infrastructure

At ProTechTeam, our strategic initiatives, integrated solutions, and response teams depend on our mobile infrastructure that allows us to effectively secure our clients from anywhere. This critical mobile infrastructure supports our security solutions and networks to ensure pristine functionality of operational outposts, technology systems, and mobile personnel under any circumstance.

We provide mobile surveillance, live visual and audio feeds, leading GPS connectivity, and networks that produce strong connectivity regardless of local conditions so that we never fail to produce impeccable security outcomes. Highly effective in even the toughest environments, our mobile infrastructure continues to propel ProTechTeam far beyond industry standards.

Biometric Management

ProTechTeam provides leading biometric security services to protect you and your situation from even the most hidden threats. Our high-tech biometric solutions are integrated into every action we take, allowing us to notice and prevent dangerous threats that others might overlook.

Our biometric management system features everything from retinal scanning and body volume identification to facial, voice, and fingerprint recognition. These solutions have been proven in federal, corporate, and transportation settings, and are continually upgraded with the newest technologies. Ensuring vetted personnel identification, providing blacklist support, delivering careful screening of luggage and cargo, and more, our biometric solutions are guaranteed to drive your desired security goals.

Cash Logistics

You need your cash to be secured to the fullest and easily accessible when needed most. ProTechTeam understands the immense severity that comes with handling large cash quantities, so our cash logistics services manage and ensure your cash assets in transportation, delivery, distribution, and storage operations.

We use the latest technology, transportation vehicles, communication systems and other resources to guarantee your cash is safe, accessible, and in good hands at all times. Whether you are a government entity, major corporation, or small business, ProTechTeam’s experience and expertise in handling large cash sums makes securing your capital risk-free.

Loss Prevention

Minimizing loss is critical in a modern world that continues to present threats never seen before. ProTechTeam’s loss prevention services are imperative to any organization seeking better safety of its entities and optimizing its functionality. To combat these damaging threats against retail and e-commerce businesses as well as other vulnerable organizations, ProTechTeam uses its decades of experience to devise plans tailored to your specific needs to ensure you’re as secure as possible.

Through our consulting process with industry experts and seasoned analysts, we articulate everything from situational risk to how implementing our solutions can impact your organization in a positive way. Leveraging the most up-to-date strategies and technological means, ProTechTeam prevents loss, defends against theft, and helps you avoid crisis at industry leading levels

Cyber Security

At ProTech Team, we are completely committed to the total security of our customers, and are adapting to defend against the most up-to-date threats people face in today’s world. If your classified information is weakly protected, there is so much in jeopardy. Therefore, we boast a leading cyber security system ready to protect your information against even the strongest breach attempts.

We bring together technology, information systems, and innovative procedures to best analyze specific situations and protect them. With services such as threat intelligence, orchestrating security solutions, investigative research, and more, ProTechTeam sets the class standard for your cyber security needs.

From protecting your equipment to ensuring the privacy of your data, ProTechTeam’s cyber security protection reduces the worry that people and organizations need to have on a daily basis. The powerful impact cyber security possesses defends against terror, protects corporations from information breaches, and allows homes to sleep easier at night.


ProTechTeam’s training department specializes in the comprehensive training of security forces for private, business, and government institutions. Our courses are geared to various levels and are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of each client. Our recruits are trained in all aspects of security, including:

Theoretical studies in the specific areas of instruction
Routine and emergency procedures
Security concepts and tactics
Management and command of security systems
Use of firearms; combat
CQB (close-quarters battle)
Fundamentals of sabotage; prevention techniques
Operational driving
Preventive measures
First aid
Firefighting and rescue
X-ray and inspection of luggage and cargo

We get to know you and your specific needs to the highest level of precision, and tailor our training programming according to ensure that you receive the exact services you need.