Mr. Moti Attias is an international expert in security systems, antiterrorism and personal protection.


• Israeli Secret Service (Shin-Bet).
• Studies in Political Science, University of Jerusalem, Israel.
• Studies in Business Administration, Miami-Dade Community College, Florida, USA.
• Specializing in personal protection, The Executive Protection Institute, Berryville, Virginia, USA.

Mr. Attias is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish. He is well versed in Arabic and French.

One of the prominent aspects within his wide experience is the presentation of seminars on military, governmental, executive, and electronic security throughout various countries.

Mr. Attias specializes in:
•Planning and coordination of short and long term international security operations.
•Protection of executives and VIPs.
•Installation of electronic security systems.
•Coordination of security measures for air and marine transport.
•Supervision of security programs, projects and preparation of detailed procedures.
•Risk assessment and analysis.
•Identification and human and capital resources for security projects.
•In anti-terrorism.
•Various surveillance systems (military, security, and electronic).
•Contract management of international security companies (equipment, software, etc.)
•Governmental, military, and judicial organizations.
•International security training (seminars, classes, work labs, etc.)



Coordinator for the personal protection of Vice-President Richard Cheney, during Mr. Cheney’s visit to Israel, as Secretary of Defense.
Agent and Team Leader in the Secret Service of Israel, for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during his charge as Defense Minister.

Mr. Moti Attias has a wide experience in secret service
operations and military training, such as:
•Specialty in security equipment and access control.
•Security systems for airlines, for airports, marine transports, and ports.
•Negotiator in kidnapping cases.
•Protection of dignitaries and executives.
•Crowd control, electronic equipment installation, training in case of fire.
•Tactical armament course for instructors, and advanced small arms shooting practice. (CBQ)
•Combat in closed quarters, techniques on hand to hand combat, and disarming individuals.
•Evasive vehicle maneuvers and operational F.D.I.
Receiving his Sargent’s appointment, completing his studies with honors.
Completing the officer’s training and company commander courses.
Parachute school, demolition and anti-sabotage training.
Survival training and advanced first aid training.


As president of Pro-Tech-Team Corp. International, he founded and organized all the companies he presently directs in various countries. These companies are dedicated to supplying uniformed security guards, executive security services (bodyguards), preparation and training, polygraph and background check services, and technical assessment of security equipment.

Marketing and Sales Manager, General Polyphase, Miami, Florida.

Marketing and Sales Manager, International Technologies (Laser) Ltd., Rishon-Lezion, Israel.

He directed the commercialization of military and security equipment to markets in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Israel, and the United States.

As First Security Secretary of the Israeli Consulate, Miami, Florida, he coordinating the security of the consulate with the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, in connection with the offices of the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, State, Defense, Justice, and Treasury.

He was also security coordinator for El-Al Airlines at the Miami Airport, and for the office of the Prime Minister of Israel (Secret Service), Tel Aviv, Israel.

As Commander of the Protection Unit for Dignitaries for the government of Israel, he developed activities such as security planning and coordination; protection of government dignitaries visiting Israel or Israeli dignitaries outside the country.

He prepared the Executive Protection Group for the Governor of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Participated in the organization and coordination of the election campaigns in Israel.

Participated and organized security shows in Europe, Israel, and the United States.

Presently, Mr. Moti Attias, in addition to directing Pro-Tech Team, Corp. International, he presents international seminars, related to different branches of security: Risk Management, Security Management, Executive Security, Anti-terrorism, International Security Operations, and Banking Security. There are other seminars directed to top management officials involved in the security of different countries, risk assessment managers, security managers, directors and managers of companies offering security services and security systems. He also writes for worldwide magazines on personal security and high technological security.