In today’s world, we deal with all sorts of people, places, and circumstances on a daily basis.

From family at home, business partners at work, and strangers on the street to occurrences across the globe, it is imperative that the smartest systems with requisite security measures be implemented to ensure safety, reduce worry, and eliminate risk at all times. ProTechTeam understands all the complexities that the world presents, and enables clients to thrive in their personal and professional pursuits through it all.

Our Sectors

Facility management is key in today’s world, where our buildings are more valuable, vital, and busy than ever. ProTechTeam recognizes the efforts and systems necessary to upkeep and support these modern facilities, and specializes in securing them from top to bottom.

Our team gets to know your specific facility inside and out, and we dedicate ourselves to learning its every aspect. In doing so, we are able to take our comprehensive solutions and integrate them in a customized fashion, tailored specifically to your facility. We help optimize access points, utilities, rooftops, and every other aspect of your facility through our comprehensive understanding of the many issues that modern buildings pose.

Our high-end, fully encrypted equipment and expert personnel place us at the forefront of the industry when it comes to securing your facility. We fuse our technology means, featuring advanced drones and robotic structures, with our comprehension of facility systems to provide our clients with the safest, securest facilities to maximize their productivity and effectiveness.

ProTechTeam proudly offers our facility management Report Team™ application, which allows managers to digitize their building’s operations, activities, utilities, and more, helping ensure that every aspect of their facility runs smoothly and is seen to fruition.


Travel Security

In the fast-paced world we live in today, securing and optimizing the way we travel is critical. With any of the various ways we get around, specific and unique security issues are posed. With decades of experience in travel security in airports, aerial platforms, seaports, railway stations, and other transit centers, ProTechTeam provides world-class protection methods and communication systems to ensure that you travel safely and efficiently, ultimately getting where you need to go in ideal circumstances.

ProTechTeam boasts state-of-the-art travel solutions, such as vehicle and passenger scanning, 360° perimeter surveillance, fleet communication, and HAZMAT detection. Guided by industry-leading experts in intelligence and systematic design, we utilize these advanced technological means to meet your transportation goals so that you can enjoy the benefits of travel more, and worry about security issues less.

Transportation logistics

We all depend on transportation to get us the products we use every day. From food products to imported materials, our lives and businesses revolve around the transportation of goods on a consistent basis. ProTechTeam’s engineered and tested logistical intelligence systems are what enable us to ensure our clients they get what they need and when they need it, so they can focus on their priorities without worry.

At ProTechTeam, our goals in today’s intricate transportation network are to optimize travel speeds, maximize efficiency, and ensure the best possible performance for all parties. Excelling in docking management, perimeter protection, access control and biometric screening, our team is dedicated to fulfilling your needs in the safest, most efficient manner. Whether it be via air, water, or ground transportation, you can rest assured and depend on ProTechTeam to get the necessary job done right.


When accident strikes, you need the necessary emergency and rescue services in place to remain coordinated, focused, and calm in order to get your situation stabilized. ProTech Team specializes in creating solutions for every imaginable situation that are thoroughly prepared and optimized to provide emergency care when needed most

We provide emergency services with leading equipment, infrastructure, intelligence, and communication systems needed to most effectively save lives in high-risk circumstances. ProTechTeam provides industry-leading response services for emergencies that require immediate attention, as well as long term solutions to help after the circumstances mitigate.

We have strong ties with local police departments, law enforcement agencies, security consultants, and other relevant parties in order to provide the most reliable service to our clients. Our emergency services are available around the clock, every day of the week, so we can always be ready to assist you should an unexpected situation arise.


Large-scale events such as galas, international conferences, and major sporting events pose unique security challenges due the throngs of people they attract. ProTechTeam’s strategic solutions and experienced personnel ensure that people attending these events are safe and secure amidst all the action and human traffic, allowing them to enjoy the moment and worry less about any security risks that may be at hand.

Far before an event even commences, ProTechTeam performs deep situational analysis tests and circumstantial evaluations to understand the environments being worked with in an effort to eliminate all potential threats. Next, our team develops and coordinates a thorough approach based off their assessment to ensure that the event will be impenetrable and totally secure from all angles. This intelligence is infused into our comprehensive solutions that our multifaceted guarding services carry out, so that when the event comes around, you will have nothing to worry about.

Our industry-leading security services at these large-scale events are made part by our state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, internationally-recognized personnel, and live network coverage to ensure that nothing can bypass through our security measures.


ProTechTeam uses polygraph systems dedicated to rendering specialized investigative services and ensuring you maintain an honest workplace. We offer Pre-employment investigations, periodic checks, and specific investigations aimed at the prevention and control of losses and corporate crime.

Dishonest employees are not easy to identify because the normal businessman is too busy trying to improve the quality of his product and service, increase sales, and control production processes. Nevertheless, dishonest employees account for 40% of the losses incurred by the average company.

We leverage polygraph systems and polygraphist interview initiatives as a special service aimed specifically at preventing and controlling losses by a business. We are interested in assuring that your company be more efficient and profitable by doing so.

The results of this process are tangible, immediate, and impressive. After just initial use, businessmen have been able to identify several dishonest employees and to correct their control mechanisms to make them more effective. The information obtained has also helped them improve the general workplace atmosphere within their company and reduce the cost of personnel rotation.


At ProTechTeam, we understand how much time, effort, and money you expend into your business. Whether a financial institution or an industry plant, the least you can do is protect all the work you do, and ensure that your valuable assets and information can’t be breached under any circumstances.

From securing your physical workspace with our multifaceted guarding services to utilizing cybersecurity systems to protect your classified data, ProTechTeam has the capacity to provide your corporation with end-to-end security measures protecting it all.

We dedicate ourselves to getting to know you and your company inside and out, so that you can be confident nothing can come close to touching you or your business. Take your business to new heights by giving it the full attention it needs, and leaving the rest to us.


Cities have a lot happening all at once, and with populations growing nearly everywhere you turn, it’s becoming harder to keep track of everything that is going on. ProTechTeam uses its decades of international experience and expertise across countless societies and cultures to produce the safest regions the world has ever seen.

Our world class personnel, ranging from intelligence directors to mobile guards on duty, combine to create a fortified front for cities to thrive off. Our cutting-edge technology, including encrypted sensors, vehicle scanning, 360° perimeter surveillance, public transportation security, automatic event detection, and the most advanced communication methods are in place to constantly ensure that no wrongdoing occurs within your limits. We leverage this technology to create everything from optimized traffic solutions based off uniquely collected data points to in-home security systems that are supported by our mobile infrastructure and multifaceted guarding.

Cities are powerful entities, and we like to make sure that everything happening in yours is secured and optimized. At ProTechTeam, we envision daily life to be full of success and progression, and our proven services and dedicated personnel guarantee that your area will boast such a reality for civilian life.

ProTechTeam proudly offers our application Safe City Citizen™ — the solution for your city or state security matters. The app employs massive amounts of information and runs on the latest technology to ensure your area and living space are tightly secured from end to end.
Citizens receive a free Community Citizen Security App, specially created to satisfy all the personal security needs. Safe City Citizen™ generates flow of information and reaction capacity, facing any emergency or criminal incident, increasing effectivity on the fight against crime and citizens’ satisfaction levels.


ProTech Team excels at meeting and servicing the distinct security challenges presented by the healthcare and medical environments. From major hospitals to small rehab centers, managing every aspect that goes into safe and trusted healthcare organizations is critical, and our years of experience in providing responsive security in the health field has allowed us to continue to optimize our approach.

Our personnel specialize in securing medical facilities and leverage their expertise to integrate comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for these health environments. Our services include intensive planning and consulting, application of major health equipment, specific patient attention, and deploying security staff that can quickly adapt to any healthcare facility situation imaginable.

Throughout the past 25 years, ProTechTeam has earned the trust of countless health facilities and security directors, and we continue to dedicate our professional security services to helping hospitals and medical centers run their operations as smoothly and reliably as possible.


At the core of societal structure and world development, government bodies carry a tremendous amount of importance and responsibility. Tasked on an endless basis with everything from thwarting terror to enabling its economy, governments are entities that pose unique security needs.

At ProTechTeam, we understand the complexities necessary to secure governments and ensure their functionality. The critical infrastructure we provide allows us to protect high-profile government buildings, secure their classified information, protect vast borders, and customize our services to meet unique legislative demands. Our staff has been directly involved with servicing numerous governments across the world, and have successfully delivered them all with the security measures needed to execute their every mission to the fullest.

Our security offering to governments are comprehensive and all inclusive, ranging from securing major foreign affairs relations to facilitating daily operations back at home. We provide globally-recognized training programs for police forces, SWAT teams, anti-terror programs, and executive protection protocol. Our advanced technological means, including biometric management, smart fences, and automatic event detection ensure the safety of daily civilian life, maintain the impeccable attention that prisons and other specialized institutions receive, and create the safest environments for travel both domestically and internationally. We are able to achieve all this and more for even the most intricate governmental bodies due to our industry-leading intelligence, high-tech solutions, and fierce desire to ensure the safety of our world.


More than ever, organizations of all types are increasingly relying upon investigative research and special intelligence services to achieve their unique goals. At ProTechTeam, we believe in guaranteeing the total security of our clients in this regard, and employ the most effective measures to ensure optimal outcomes. In line with that vision, we provide intensive special investigation services backed by experienced, dedicated private investigators and skilled technicians to get you the results you need. Always operating with complete confidentiality, we guarantee to fuse our standout investigative units and comprehensive solutions, and tailor them to your exact needs.

Our investigative services boast a stellar track record across countless industries on a global level. In financial institutions, for example, our experts perform internal fraud detection and specialize in asset valuations, market changes, anti-money laundering compliance, and more. In the high-tech industry, our leading cyber security measures include data leakage assessment, cyber forensics, potential breach and threat intelligence, and protection against other virtual attacks. In the field of crime and litigation, we carefully collect and analyze evidence, identify misconduct, trace assets, develop leverage, and more, all to contribute to the overall security of what you’re trying to protect. Further, our investigation teams specialize in working with public sector entities, high net-worth individuals, and multinational corporations.

Our services are supported by industry-leading technology and intelligence systems backed by decades of experience in this space. Our advanced solutions are supported by cutting-edge technology, data-driven research methodology, immediate monitoring and reporting services, unwavering infrastructure, and dedicated personnel. Leave nothing to chance. Let ProTechTeam ensure that you are as protected and secure as possible by backing what you value with our private investigation services.