ProTechTeam translates comprehensive strategies into secure outcomes for any circumstance.

Our proven approach is tailored to secure situations from start to finish, empowering our vast client body to thrive in the process. We serve:

Multinational corporations
Hi-tech companies
Energy-oriented industries
Security consulting firms
Private entrepreneurs

Senior executives of large corporations
Public figures and celebrities
Government officials and ministries
Financial institutions

From the earliest stages of preparation to in-the-moment execution, ProTechTeam guarantees that its clients will receive the highest level of protection and treatment to achieve security goals tailored to their specific industries, cultures, and locations.

Our Strategies

Monitoring and Reporting

An effective monitoring system is a crucial security venture for any event, facility, or entity looking to thrive. ProTechTeam’s full-service surveillance approach helps analyze situations before, during, and after they occur, assess the utilization of operational factors, and ensures that all activities and programs are being carried out safely and effectively.

Our comprehensive surveillance solutions are executed by our elite guarding systems, which monitor situations all the way from the command center to the scene itself. We utilize CCTV cameras, motion detectors, sensors, advanced mobile infrastructure, thermal imaging technology, cellular interception, and so much more, enabling us to prevent potential threats from every direction. We boast the latest audio and video surveillance equipment, and leverage real time and archived data to secure perimeters.

Monitoring is an ongoing, uninterrupted endeavor, where we never release focus of the entity being protected. Therefore, reporting the ongoing information gathered from this service acts as another layer of security and makes for valuable feedback. Our reporting mechanisms are supported by class-leading communications systems and collaborative interfaces that allow our team to be completely in control from start to finish.

Consulting and Risk Management

At ProTechTeam, we recognize that security solutions are complex and require strategic planning, so we take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your situation’s potential risks and threats right from the start. The process of creating the necessary tailored security solutions for you, your organization, your facility, or your event start by meeting with our team of expert consultants who specialize in circumstantial evaluations, situational analysis, and developing comprehensive security strategy.

Through our consultation meetings, clients are given a deep understanding of what potential risks and threats their specific situations may pose. We explain our research, offer strategic advice, and lay out the practical planning procedures necessary to produce desired outcomes.

No matter who are or what kind of organization you represent, ProTechTeam’s group of expert consultants are ready to discuss with you your security goals and help you achieve them.

System Design and Integration

Creating the perfect security solutions for you and your specific needs means designing your system to suit you just right. At ProTechTeam, we have an elaborate process that covers all grounds to ensure our research, analytics, and consulting measures are transformed into concrete system designs that will work faultlessly in the moments that count most.

In the process, our personnel receive intensive physical and procedural training tailored to your unique situation. In doing so, we ensure that our staff is as prepared as can be to eliminate all possible risk around you.

After we lay out your system’s blueprint, our team of experts integrate these solutions into the areas most needing implementation. From setting up video cameras, metal detectors, drones, and other high-tech means to utilizing our multifaceted guarding service and critical infrastructure, our systems make sure that you and your facility are as impenetrable as possible.

Intelligence and Analytics

The current day and age presents the us with a uniquely powerful resource in the overabundance of information readily available. With the growth of information systems, databases, and analytical methodology over the recent years, it is crucial to use such applications in the research and development of actionable, sound security systems.

But while much of the world’s information is accessible to the public, it takes a team of seasoned data analysts and industry researchers to sort out and understand the most accurate trends and social patterns through the glut of data that exists. ProTechTeam offers just that, boasting an intelligence and analytics team that specializes in data collection and developing unrivaled security strategy based on the newest research techniques constantly emerging.

We use cutting-edge technology and software to ensure we gather the most recent, accurate data that enables us to present clients with detailed, precise accounts of their specific situations and needs. While this study and application of information is still just being recognized and implemented by the larger population, ProTechTeam has been leveraging the power of data analytics for years as a vehicle to generate breakthrough intelligence and the most advanced security solutions ever created.